DogFest, come join us!

We are super duper exited to be attending Dog Fest South later this month. The doggy event, is an amazing celebration of all things canine, hosted by Supervet Noel Fitzpatrick.

Tilly and I attended last year’s event in Windsor, with our good friends @adventuresofdoodles. It was an absolute blast, with so many new things to try out, fabulous stalls, and a chance to see Noel Fitzpatrick (a.k.a The SuperVet) speak.


The cheekiest gang.


Prof. Noel Fitzpatrick (Photo courtesy of Dog Fest)

Below are photos from our time at Dog Fest South 2016.

We can’t wait to sniff out our favourite stalls, obviously Tilly will be taking home a fair few goodies! Dog Fest is the perfect place for us to meet up with all our Instagram-friends a.k.a crazy dog people! Let us know if you’re coming too, we’d love to organise a meet up.



Watching the “Dog Diving” is always a highlight.


Wet dog alert!

Tilly lives for cuddles. She loves the team at Benyfit Natural. We’ll be picking up some food from them as Miss T is now officially raw fed!


We love have-a-go competitions. Tilly had her first experience of flyball last year, she flew down the mini course which took charity donations for a go. Rather strangely, all 3 of our little poodle gang got exactly the same time!

There’s lots to try out this year including, Dog Diving, Temptation Alley and the Hay Bale Race.


Something I’m eager to try with Tilly this year is The Big Dog Dig which provides a special garden/digging zone, where dogs can have timed slots of 5 minutes to dig for treats or “Golden Bones” for bigger prizes.


Plenty of space for a cheeky pose!

We love catching up with our favourite stalls for a good old natter


Sweet Hamish of Wiff Waff Designs.


So many treats to beg for!

“I have never seen a place on earth like DogFest; so many happy people with their happy dogs, all enjoying the same thing: unconditional love!” Prof. Noel Fitzpatrick


Everyone sat down to watch Noel give his talk.


We are so beyond exited about our weekend at Dog Fest, I know Tilly will have a ball getting fusses from every single person she encounters, and treats too!

Dog Fest South is on the 24th and 25th of June at Knebworth House in Hertfordshire. Visit their website for more information and tickets.

Will you be joining us there? If so, leave a comment!

Thanks for reading,

Amy & Tilly

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